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PowerHouse 4GL Laptop Screen | PowerHouse Support - InfluentialInfluential Software, one of the very first suppliers of dedicated PowerHouse® resources, continues to provide a full range of PowerHouse 4GL services and PowerHouse support services to suit every requirement.

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PowerHouse Support Solutions

  • Existing PowerHouse Systems Support
    Your legacy PowerHouse application still needs support, and we can provide that support either remotely or on site
  • PowerHouse Migration: System or Database Migrations
    Moving from legacy to contemporary architectures, or changing the underlying database, is a complex process requiring the transformation of data and business logic.
    Our deep understanding of PowerHouse technology puts us in an ideal position to be a key player in this process, making sure your application logic is fully documented and understood, as well as defining the required data transformations
  • Screen, Report, and Transactional Updates
    Our team of PowerHouse developers have in-depth knowledge of the key elements of PowerHouse 4GL – Quick, Quiz and QTP – and can handle all development requirements for your system
  • Extend the Life of Your PowerHouse System
    Our wider development team utilises Java, .NET. PHP and other modern skills to extend the life of your underlying PowerHouse 4GL system
  • PowerHouse Performance Improvements
    Our support team uses modern techniques to improve the performance of your PowerHouse 4GL system
  • Maintenance of Your Existing PowerHouse Licence Estate
    We provide a cost-effective solution for maintaining your existing PowerHouse 4GL licence estate
  • Extending Your Existing PowerHouse Licence Estate
    We provide new licences to extend your existing PowerHouse 4GL licence estate

Why Choose Influential Software?

  • Trust that we will do a good job.
    We’ve successfully delivered thousands of projects for hundreds of customers, and have the experience and desire to do the same for you.
  • Trust that our pricing will be competitive.
    As well as offering a high-quality service, we do so within a competitive pricing structure to maximise the ROI for your project.
  • Trust that we will care.
    As a privately owned IT company with countless satisfied customers over the last 25 years, everyone at Influential is dedicated, passionate, and engaged with each and every one of our customers.

Trust our Powerhouse 4GL team today in the knowledge that your project will be in good hands.
Discover the value of complete PowerHouse support services.